Prepare For The Next STEM Career In Aviation With Drones

Ready to learn the basics, dig in deep into Small Unmanned Aerial Systems, or become a certified drone pilot? We have a course for you! 


Helping black girls fall in love with STEM through drones opening the door to future careers in the drone industry

Our Vision

To create a pipeline of women of color to fill the growing need for FAA certified drone pilots. 

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for girls 8-24 who are looking to learn about the next STEM career in aviation with drones or looking to be exposed to different career choices to get a clear understanding and foundation that shapes their career possibilities.

Your child may be in elementary school not really thinking about her career, but it’s time to start exposing her to career opportunities.  Early access to careers and the concept of work prepares students for the real world, and helps keep them engaged by making the connection between what they’re learning in school and why they’re learning it. 

Your child may be in high school… or may have just graduated from high school – they need to know about the drone industry and how they can make a career of it without a college degree.



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In This Course You Will Learn

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WEEK 1: (Value $75)

Learn about the History of Drones: The Remote Controlled Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

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WEEK 2: (Value $75)

Learn the Aerodynamics of Flight - Thrust, Drag, Lift, and Weight and how to manage these four forces with your UAV flight controls.

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WEEK 3: (Value $75)

Learn how Drone Avionics and Drone Payload effect UAV navigation, communication, maneuverability and flight times.

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WEEK 4: (Value $75)

Understand FAA Laws, Drone Safety and how weather conditions affect drone performance.

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WEEK 5: (Value $75)

Learn what the FAA requires for FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification and flying drones commercially.

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WEEK 6: (Value $75)

Explore the future of UAVs and how Drone Technology is advancing personal, military and commercial drone use.

What Customers are Saying

I just want to thank you for coming up with this idea for our girls and particularly girls of color, brown girls. As you know we are a very small percentage in this space. To empower our girls, to be free thinkers, to utilize technology to save the world and to save the planet, I’m super proud. Thank you for the opportunity. Our future is secure parents. I can’t wait to see what these girls go on to do!
Amanda M.
We had an amazing time and experience! The patience from beginning to the end was exceptional. We will definitely will attend more classes with Black Girls Drone World!
Nicki L.
My daughter loved the Drones Taking Flight class. It was a great balance of drone theory, hands on drone interaction, and seeing future career opportunities. Now I want to get Certified! Dynamic, energetic, and a patient instructor!
Kathryn B.

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